Referencing and academic integrity

The American Psychological Association (APA) System

Final reference list

You must include a list of all your references at the end of your work. This gives full details of each source so your reader can look them up.

  • Include your references in alphabetical order of first author surname
  • Use References in bold as the centred title
  • Use a hanging indent - the first line is not indented
  • Put a full stop at the end of each of your references
  • For journal titles, capitalise the first letter of each major word
  • For books, articles and chapters, capitalise the first letter of the first word, the first word after a colon, and any proper nouns


Be consistent in the way you write the references (e.g. use of punctuation and layout). If your tutors give you specific instructions on how they want references laid out, follow these.

Thinking & Writing Psychologically: A Guide to Assessment