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The Harvard system

Final reference list

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You must include a list of all your references at the end of your work. This gives full details of each source you have referenced in your assignment text so your reader can look them up.

  • Include your references in alphabetical order of author surname and then by date if necessary.
  • If an author has written more than one work in a year, add a,b,c…after the date to distinguish between them (both in your in-text references and your final reference list).

You may be asked to provide either:

  • a reference list: gives full details only for the sources you have directly referred to in your assignment.


  • a bibliography: gives full details for all sources used during your research as well as the ones directly referred to.


Be consistent in the way you write the references (e.g. use of punctuation and layout). If your tutors give you specific instructions on how they want references laid out, follow these.