Research skills

Evaluating information

How do you know if the information you are reading is any good?  This is an important point to consider as you don't want to use inaccurate or inappropriate information in your assignments.

Introduction to quizevaluating information:

So, once you have gathered your bookinformation sources, you should evaluate them to determine their quality.  Evaluating the quality of a source also requires you to think about its relevance and reliability.


  • Does the source give you the information you need? If you cannot find out at least some of what you need to know from a source, you can discount it.


  • Is it giving you accurate information? Are any arguments given convincing? Does it complement other sources on the topic?

It is important to evaluate the sources you have found to determine their quality, relevance and reliability. This tutorial will show you what to consider in the process.

Evaluating information summary (PDF opens in new window)