Preparing presentations

Get all set up on the day

A computer that doesn’t work, notes in the wrong order, seating that means your audience can’t hear you will make you more nervous, and make your presentation sloppy. The brief video clip below shows what can happen when you haven't taken the time to set up.

On the day of your presentation do the following:

  • Turn up early to the venue.
  • Check the layout of the room (if it’s flexible) – arrange it so everyone can see and hear you well.
  • Switch on all the equipment.
  • Put your presentation on to the computer.
  • Start your presentation, go through each slide and make sure it has kept its formatting.
  • If you have any audio files, movies or animations to play in your presentation, check they work.
  • If you are using any other equipment (e.g. video, cd, dvd) check they work and check your media is cued up to the start point you need.
  • Lay out any notes or handouts you need where you can easily get to them.
  • If the room layout is not flexible, encourage audience members to sit in places where they can see and hear you well.
  • Take a deep breath