Preparing presentations

Get all your slides and notes ready

Some simple ways to make better slides:

  • Follow a clear structure and let your headings tell your structure.
  • Think of each slide as a paragraph eg/heading = topic sentence; bullet points = supporting sentences
  • Don’t over-fill your slides – about 6 lines of text is plenty.
  • Use big fonts and contrasting colours.
  • Use your slides as prompts for your talk, not a script.

Some simple ways to make your notes clear:

  • use small cards that fit easily into your hand.
  • put key words, phrases or very short statements on the cards
  • avoid detailed sentences.
  • use your notes as prompts for your talk, not a script.
  • good presentation slides can be printed small enough to hold as your note-cards.


  • make sure your notes are numbered and in the correct order before you start.
  • put the slides on the computer you use on presentation day
  • check that slides, sound, animation or film clips work and can be read on the screen