Manage group presentations

For a strong group presentation, you need to:

Group presentations

  • Start together- in order to understand the key message that you want to convey and to be clear about how each of the presentation sections will fit together, spend time as a group talking it through and planning. Do some detailed planning before you go off to do your own work.
  • Allocate roles- be clear about who is going to do what in the presentation. Ensure that you distribute roles evenly. Who will introduce; who will summarise; who will invite questions; who will work the slides?
  • Collaborate -you may have individual roles, but you must try to avoid working individually. Spend time together, and make sure all the content fits together well. If your presentation is going to be coherent as a single piece of work, you need to come together regularly.Remember to help each other at the development stage as well.
  • Practise together -a strong presentation will make it clear how it all links together and will run to time.This requires a lot of practice as a group, as well as individually.