Create slides that work

Good use of colour and font

The slide below is an example of a poor presentation:


The slide is weak because:

  • the colours are badly chosen – the yellow is almost impossible to read on top of the green. The pink is difficult to focus on.
  • there are three different fonts on the slide which make it confusing.
  • the fonts are too decorative so they are not easy to read.
  • the bulk of the text is written in capital letters. As readers, we don’t recognise these as easily as lower case letters.

A well presented slide would:

  • have colours with high contrast – dark colours on white are good, or try white or pale yellow on a dark blue background.
  • only use two colours for text – one for the heading and one for bullets.
  • use simple fonts (sans serif -without swirls and decoration)
  • use only one or two fonts on each slide.
  • avoid all caps on a slide