Create slides that work

Slides as prompts

  • What is the purpose of a presentation slide?
  • Is it to give a full and detailed explanation? Or
  • Is it to give a starting point from which you verbally make an explanation?

Look at this slide:


How do you think this would be used?

Because this slide doesn’t give a great deal of detail it will only be used for a few seconds. Therefore, the written content will have to be talked around in order to get a full explanation. This is a good habit to get in to when preparing presentation slides:you have to be sure you know what you want to say about each slide.

The way to write the bullets on your slides is to:

  • Write short phrases, or
  • Write very brief sentences.
  • Make sure the meaning of the content is obvious.
  • Use the bullet points as notes or prompts – for you and for the audience.