Create slides that work

One main idea per slide

Look at these two slides. The first slide is the introductory slide that tells you what topics will be covered in the presentation. The second slide is the first slide but with content:


Note on slide 2:

  • The slide heading is taken directly from the topics on the introductory slide.
  • Each bullet point clearly relates to the main idea ‘Style’.
  • No unrelated points are made in the slide.

Think of a presentation slide as similar to a paragraph in an essay:

The heading is like your topic sentence- it tells you what the main idea is.

The bullet points are like supporting sentences- they all relate to and expand on the main idea.

The way to write a strong presentation slide is to:

  • Have only one main idea on each slide.
  • State your main idea in the heading.
  • Make sure that each bullet point relates to the main idea.
  • If you cannot fit all your supporting points on one slide then move on to another. You can use a continued heading (e.g. ‘Presentation Style cont.’)