Scripting presentations

Less is more

Grab the audience's attention quickly

Watching Una Varsity begin her presentation you will see that she speaks clearly and confidently, ensuring that her key message is heard right from the start of the presentation:

She tells you who she is and exactly what she’s going to talk about. This gets the audience's attention, especially if it’s a useful or interesting subject.

Features of a typical presentation are:

  • Spoken communication.
  • Not recorded.
  • Given once (no repeats).
  • Limited time.
  • Limited attention span of listener.

The combined impact of these elements is that you have to get a strong message across clearly and quickly. You need to say big things in a few words so that your message has impact, the audience can easily understand the message, and the message stays with them.

Presentation techniques

  • Be completely clear in your key message from the start;
  • Plan out your main ideas and the key supporting ideas;
  • Refine your language – edit it, trim it and cut it down to the simplest statements;
  • Always look for the shortest, simplest and clearest way to express what you want to say;
  • Leave room for your audience to think it through – if there is anything vital you have missed out they will ask in the Q & A section.