Scripting presentations

The key message

Most presentation are aimed at telling the audience something. A good presentation is aimed at telling the audience something that can be boiled down to a key message.

Questions to help you identify your key message:

  • Why are you giving the presentation?
  • What is your aim?
  • What do you want the audience to understand afterwards?
  • If you had to explain your presentation in one statement, what would that be?

Examples of a presentation key message could be:
‘International business communication is made easier through video conferencing.’
‘Fashion designers can use several techniques to increase the impact of a range’
‘This new software will change the way you access research reports’


Una Varsity's key message was: ‘ways to give a good presentation’.

Below are some of the techniques she used to reinforce this message.

1. On the title page:


2. Stated at the start:

3. Return to key message on summary slide:


4. Presentation clearly connected to key message throughout. Intention is obvious at every point without deviation or digression.