Compare a weak presentation with a strong one

Una Varsity, a Solent University student, has been recorded giving a weak presentation and a strong presentation. Watch the two videos and think about what makes one strong and the other weak:

What makes a weak presentation?

Watch a video clip of each of these elements from Una’s weak presentation.

1. Not checking equipment beforehand. 2. Reading from the screen (not looking at the audience).
3. Reading from a script (not looking at the audience). 4. Mumbling; not talking clearly.
5. No apparent structure to the talk. 6. Doesn’t take questions

Weak presentation slides

Weak Presentation Slides (PDF opens in new window)

Study the video of the weak presentation. Try and avoid these mistakes when giving your own presentation.

Common Mistakes (PDF opens in new window)

What makes a strong presentation?

Watch a video clip of each of these elements from Una’s strong presentation.

1. Equipment set up, tested and ready to use. 2. Looking at the audience much more than her (very brief) notes.
3. Calm and confident, with a loud and clear voice. 4. Clear structure to the talk.
5. Takes questions confidently.

Strong presentation slides

Strong presentation slides (PDF opens in new window)

As you watch the video you will probably notice a number of other things that she did very well. Take time to watch Una’s strong presentation again; study what she does in order to express her meaning clearly. This will help you to deliver a strong presentation yourself.