Using tutor feedback

Recognising feedback when you get it

Feedback after your assessment

Comments on finished work can also act as feedforward if you notice your strengths and weaknesses and keep them in mind for future work.The following situations can constitute feedforward:

  • After a report – your tutor fills out a marking sheet with checkboxes telling you your scores in different aspect of you report. You spend some time looking again at the report and understanding why you got particular marks.
  • After an essay – your tutor writes out comments on the content of your paper and also on your style and the structure of the paper – this is really useful because you’ll know how to do the next one better.
  • After a presentation – your tutor gives you immediate, spoken feedback, and invites your classmates to do the same. You make sure you make notes on all the comments – positive and negative – for later reflection.


Always seek advice from your tutor if you don't understand any of the feedback you get.