Using tutor feedback

Recognising feedback when you get it

Feedback while you’re working on an assessment

As you work on a paper, presentation or portfolio, remember to always think, reflect, question and look for help on your topic.The following example activities give you the opportunity to notice if you are going in the right direction:

  • Mindmapping – mindmap with a couple of classmates everything you know about the topic of your presentation; work out which ideas are useful and which are not
  • Researching – email your tutor for some help if you are finding the technical language in a paper difficult
  • Drafting – seek comments from anyone willing to read your first draft of your essay
  • Editing – ask someone in your family to read your paper and tell you if it’s easy or difficult to read;
  • Proofing – run spell and grammar check on your computer.

Remember: Feedback comes in many forms.

Alter and shape your approach through these activities above.