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This book looks at time management; the importance of attending lectures; reading effectively; the art of taking notes.

Reading effectively

Understand the reading process

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There are a wide variety of reading styles depending on the type of material and the purpose for reading:

  • Leisure reading - progress at a steady pace, without needing to be critical, just "listening" to what the author is telling you.
  • Skimming - run your eyes rapidly down the page. Gives a general impression of the content and style of the material, helping you decide if it is likely to be useful.
  • Scanning - similar to skimming but more focussed, looking for specific information. Your eyes should latch onto key words. Used primarily when searching for answers to particular questions or to locate a specific reference.
  • Reading for learning - consider the full meaning and implications of the material. Re-read certain sections and take notes. Reading 200 w.p.m.(words per minute) should be considered good. In order to speed things up you will want to avoid reading irrelevant material. Adopt a logical and consistent approach to your reading.