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This book looks at time management; the importance of attending lectures; reading effectively; the art of taking notes.

Time management

Reward yourself

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Why should you reward yourself?

  • Because you have been working hard
  • Because ‘down’ time when you are not studying is important to avoid excessive stress
  • Because knowing you have a reward planned can be a good motivator to work hard

How should you reward yourself?

Once you have successfully completed a block of work do some activities that you usually enjoy but you are missing out on because of your study schedule. What do you enjoy? And what can you afford (time and money)?

  • Going to the cinema;
  • Watching football;
  • Cooking a meal;
  • A couple of hours of gaming;
  • A drink with friends.

When should you reward yourself?

  • At the end of blocks of study;
  • After you have successfully completed a block of hard work;
  • traditional ‘down’ times such as evenings and weekends.


  •  excessive drinking or partying will make it more difficult to get back to study the next day.
  • don’t punish yourself for failing to work quite hard enough.