Time management

Time management

Use effective study units

To be effective, studying should be an active process. It is ineffective to sit for long periods just reading as very little information is retained this way.

Timetable one hour study slots

Lectures and tutorials rarely exceed one hour, because few people  can concentrate for longer than an hour without taking a break.

How much time should I spend on a big assignment?

  • Allocate time to assemble materials in advance, your thoughts and to "warm-up" to the larger task.
  • Aim to complete an experiment report or essay at a single session.
  • Estimate how long your task might take eg/if it can be completed in 2 to 3 hours, do so.
  • If your task will take longer, aim to complete one section/chapter per session.

Plan your study units for each week using a Weekly Planner:

Blank weekly planner (PDF opens in new window)