Passing exams

Passing exams

What can affect your performance?

Consider the key factors below. How can they affect you personally when you approach your exams?:

Your attitude

  • List ways in which taking the exam can contribute positively to your learning.
  • Repeat a positive message, ‘I can pass this exam’,  whilst revising, preparing and taking your exams.
  • Develop a positive attitude

Subject knowledge

  • Do your revision.
  • Discuss the subject with fellow students.
  • Do plenty of practice with past papers.
  • Make your revision count

Your exam techniques

  • Learn good exam techniques
  • Do lots of practice with past papers
  • Be conscious about developing your exam skills.

Your past experience of exams

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to pass exams even if you found exams difficult in the past or have had a bad experience.
  • Give yourself a positive message: ‘I can pass exams’.

Your writing skills

  • Develop your writing skills with knowledge and practice.
  • Pay close attention to any feedback you get from tutors.
  • Practise, practise, practise.