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This book looks at how effective groupwork can be, how important it is to be a good team player and how this preparation at university will help you in your working life beyond university.

Group work

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During your academic studies you will be asked to work in groups with other students.Learning about how effective groups work and how to be a good team player will help you at university and also prepare you for working life.

Businesses list team working as one of the key employability skills graduates need to have in order to be effective in the workplace (Confederation of British Industry, 2011).

This book will look at:

  • why you should work in a group;
  • a self-evaluation to help you identify what knowledge you already have and what skills you need to learn
  • how to set up a successful group;
  • the locations and facilities available especially for students for group work on campus;
  • how to communicate with your group and use shared documents through using online tools.

This book will also offer further guidance on working in groups:

  • where you can go for more help;
  • recommended websites for advice on group and team work;
  • issuing books/ebooks from the group work reading list
Watch this video for a student's perspective on working in groups: