Working in groups

Online tools

Sharing files and content

Sharing files in an online space mean that you can all view and edit them (without sending emails with large attachments). Your file management is easier as you don't all end up with slightly different versions of the same document.


Discuss as a group how you will manage this online process to avoid accidental deletions.

You can also use online tools to help you work in the same shared space, on the same content.

Watch the video below for an example of a speech written by a group of students:

To view captions click on the CC button. Or view the transcript by clicking on the YouTube button and watching the video on YouTube.

Useful websites for working collaboratively and sharing content:

  • Dropbox – allows users to share files and folders with others;
  • Google Docs – allows you to create, share and edit online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms;
  • Video sharing websites (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube);
  • Image sharing websites and normally you can also share video (e.g. Flickr, Picasa);
  • Shared blog – online diary you could write as a group (e.g. Blogger, LiveJournal and Wordpress);
  • Presentations – share presentations online (e.g. Prezi, slideshare);
  • Wikis – a website that allows the creation and editing of pages by multiple users (e.g. wikis on myCourse, Wikispaces);
  • VoiceThread – a collaborative tool that allows you to share media files (images, documents and videos) and leave comments on them.
Dropbox (Weblink opens in new window)
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Blogger (Weblink opens in new window)
LiveJournal (Weblink opens in new window)
Wordpress (Weblink opens in new window)
Prezi (Weblink opens in new window)
Slideshare (Weblink opens in new window)
Wikispaces (Weblink opens in new window)
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