Working in groups

Online tools

Online collaboration

Online collaboration is all about working together in a virtual environment. MyCourse is Solent University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Here you can access course material, participate in forums, message fellow students and lecturers and work together virtually in a group.

If you're working in a group for an assignment task, your lecturer might have already set up space in myCourse for you to work together. For guidance on how to use the site visit myCourse help for students.

With online collaboration the information tends to be in one location (such as a course on myCourse). All users can access, read and, where permission is given, edit content.

This video guide to Google Docs explains how groups can collaborate online:

To view captions click on the CC button. Or view the transcript by clicking on the YouTube button and watching the video on YouTube.


Whilst sharing project documents is useful, the most important tools you can use online are the ones which will help your group communicate effectively.