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This book looks at how effective groupwork can be, how important it is to be a good team player and how this preparation at university will help you in your working life beyond university.

Online tools

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With technology and the internet teams can work together without ever physically being in the same place. You might have been given a project where you are part of a virtual group working together online, or you're working offline, but recognise that online tools can make the collaboration process a whole lot easier.

There are thousands of online collaboration tools available that are used by people and businesses across the world. The following pages offer a quick guide to online collaboration and some recommended free tools that will make working together and communicating in a group even easier.


Use your own personal account (e.g. emailing each other) for some but with others you'll want to create a group account that you can all access with the same user name and password (e.g. a shared to do list).