Archived Material (writing)

This book is about the strategies that you can employ in order to write well, and the writing process. It deals with the mechanics of writing well, as well as offering an approach to academic writing.

Writing academically

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Good writing involves the following:

  • clear connection of ideas
  • an academic style
  • correctly organised sentences and paragraphs
  • Avoidance of common mistakes
  • Proper presentation of writing

Essay structure video tutorial

In this video, John Dugard-Craig talks about how to use signposts and landmarks to make your writing easy to follow.

2. Download the essay with John’s highlights below.

Structuring an essay (PDF opens in new window)

3. Download a summary of his main points below.

Signposing and landmarks summary (PDF opens in new window)

(The essay used in this tutorial was provided by the Open University.)