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Essay writing case study

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Essay tutorial 1

Follow the steps below to read and grade Stuart's essay yourself against the marking criteria set by his tutor, and to view his tutorial.

See if you agree with his tutor!

Step 1 - Download Stuart's essay here:

Stuart's essay (PDF opens in new window)

Step 2 - Marking criteria

Note which of the following marking criteria Stuart met successfully:

  • Is it clear and easy to read?
  • Is the language used appropriately academic?
  • Does the writing show planning and structure?
  • Is the writing edited properly?
  • Does the writing use paragraphs that each deal with one main idea?
  • Do all of the ideas flow easily, using connecting phrases?
  • Are there quotations and paraphrases from other sources (using correct references)?
  • Is the writing formatted so that it looks like an essay?
  • Does the paper have a clear introduction and conclusion as well as a main body?
  • Is there a clearly presented cover page?
  • Is there a list of references at the end of the paper?

What grade would you give this essay?

Step 3 - View the video where the tutor is giving Stuart feedback on his first essay.

Were you right?
Have you made any notes based on Stuart's feedback?

Essay Tutorial 2

Make sure you have read Stuart's second essay, have had a go at marking it and have watched his feedback before watching the video of Stuart's second lot of feedback from his tutor

Step 1:

Stuart's second attempt (PDF opens in new window)

Step 2: View the video where the tutor is giving Stuart feedback on his second essay