Archived Material (Critical thinking)

Critical thinking is the art of moving from description to explanation. It is about understanding why you hold the opinions you do, rather than simply saying what those opinions are. This book will take you through the process of analysing evidence and arguments, and how to construct a good argument yourself.

How do you develop critical thinking skills?

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The key to developing critical thinking skills is to get into the habit of questioning rather than simply accepting information you read or hear. For example:

  • Why does the author say that and is all of it important?
  • What evidence and justification has the author given?
  • Do you agree?

Asking the right questions, or asking enough questions, will help you get to the heart of the topic. The more you read and understand about the topic, the more questions you will be able to ask.

Also, think about approaching a topic from a different angle or a new perspective. If you can think creatively, or ‘outside of the box’, when tackling a topic you might find that new and interesting ideas and approaches come up.


One of the best ways to develop your critical thinking skills is to practice.

Try using the Solent Method of Critical thinking. Make it a habit, and before too long it will become an instinct.