Managing your videos

This book shows you how to manage access to video content you create as part of your teaching 

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This guide will show you how to manage your video content you create that you want your students to access.  


  1. Know how to use Panopto to record your screen
  2. Know how to record your meetings in Teams.

Your video content will now fall into two categories:

  • Permanent: This refers to videos that you have created to be used year on year and are usually embedded into your SOL page.  Examples of permanent videos include the module introduction, assessment videos, and pre-recorded lectures.
  • Transient:  This refers to video content that is only intended to be viewed by that cohort as the content is specific and relevant to that group only.  These would not be embedded and accessed either via Teams or the Panopto block.  Examples of transient videos include recorded seminars, group tutorials or any session live with your students.

Please use the following flow diagram to direct you to the correct section of help.  This is a more detailed diagram that covers all options.simplified video management flow diagram

Download accessible version of the flow diagram

Links to help material on what you want to do

1 Create permanent video folder under "My Folder" in Panopto and move your recordings into it 

2. Move videos in Panopto:  Move single recording and Batch move recordings

3. Amend permissions on a Teams video

4. Embedding Panopto videos