Teams FAQs

Teams Basics - FAQ

Question:  How can I download and log into Teams?

Answer: Teams is installed by default on all university computers, and can also be downloaded to your personal machine by visiting or

A mobile app is also available from your mobile app store.

You will log in using your university email address and password.

More information on downloading, installing and logging into Teams can be found by visiting this course.

Question:  How do I turn on 'Large Gallery' view to see all students?

Answer:  You will first need to enable the 'New Meeting Experience' if you have not already.  Microsoft has provided instructions on how to do this here.

On the link above, you will also find instructions on how to enable the 'Large Gallery' and 'Together' modes.  Keep in mind that these are individual to each user - you may want to inform your students about these different views.

Question:  How can I message a student directly?

Answer: You can use the Chat function in Teams.  Open Teams and then select 'Chat' in the left side bar.  

At the top click the 'New chat icon' and in the 'To' bar, type the name of the person or people you want to chat with.  

Alternatively you can search, using their name, in the top 'Search for or type a command bar' for the person you want to talk to, then click on their name and start chatting. 

Question:  How can I turn off notifications during a meeting?

Answer:   In the Teams app, click on your user picture > settings > notifications. At the bottom there are the meetings notifications. Set them to off.

Question:  How can I show the person speaking on my screen?

Answer: you can pin a person's video by clicking the three dots to the right of their name and select pin

Question:  Is there a way to mute all participants?

Answer:  During the meeting, click on the 'Show Participants' button in the meeting menu bar.

Click on 'Mute All' next to 'Currently in the meeting', just above the participant list.  Those who have been muted will be notified. 

Question:  Can I use the scheduler tool in SOL and have it automatically link with Teams?  

Answer: The scheduler is not connected to Teams, but you can create a scheduler and then in the settings create a link to a Teams meeting. There is more information in the Teams for Tutorials FAQ page.

Question:  How do I use the Whiteboard features in Teams?

Answer:  If you are using a Teams meeting (scheduled within SOL or in the calendar with Teams) when you open the meeting invite you will have a number of options including the whiteboard

If you are creating a meeting within a channel presently there is no whiteboard.