Adding a Zoom meeting in SOL

Solent only has 50 pro Zoom licenses that allow meetings over 40 minutes. 

If you need a meeting over 40 minutes, please set your link up directly before the meeting starts, as a pro license is assigned to the meeting host (the person that creates the link) when the link is created.

This is to prevent your license from potentially being downgraded to a basic license, due to the way SOL automatically reassigns licenses once the limit of pro licenses has been reached, which could happen if the meeting is scheduled for the future.

If you only need a 40 minute meeting then the link can be scheduled for the future.

1. Turn editing on:

2. Click Add an activity or resource:

3. Select Zoom meeting (double click or click the Add button) :

4. Enter a name for the topic of the meeting; if this is to replace a timetabled session then the topic could reflect which session it relates to. The date and time will also appear in the students' SOL calendar and in the student app:

5. Set the schedule for the meeting:

6. If you are setting this meeting up on behalf of another tutor, add their email in the 'alternative hosts' section:

7. Click Save and display and the meeting details will be displayed. If the meeting is in the future you will be unable to join the meeting:

Students can then join the meeting without the need to sign up, although they will be requested to download the Zoom application.

Once in the meeting, there are guides on the Zoom website that may help: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/201146643