Account creation

Zoom has been purchased for facilitating online meetings with students and licenses are being distributed accordingly. If you require a staff only meeting room, please use Skype for business. Skype for business can also be used for meetings with small groups of students, if you'd prefer.

To use Zoom via SOL with an unrestricted time limit you will first need to either set up a new account or link an existing free account that was previously set up using your Solent email address.

In either case, you should have received an email via your Solent email address; if not please contact ltu@solent.ac.uk

1. Click the link in the email:

You may be asked to accept their preferences. Accept and Close.

If you have previously created a free account with Zoom you will be asked to convert your account; please skip to the section after step 4.

2. Click the Sign up with a Password link:


3. Fill in your details and set a password:

4. Make a note of, or bookmark your personal meeting room link for adhoc meetings with colleagues:

You can now close this window and follow the instruction in the next section to set up a meeting in SOL.

If you have an existing free account 

When the link in the email is clicked you will see the following screen; your account will be converted but you will not lose any previous data or meetings. You will use the same login details:

You can now exit Zoom online and follow the instruction on the next page to set up a meeting in SOL.