How do I set up a page break?

1: In the Layout tab, under Page Setup, click Breaks.


2: A dropdown box will appear. For a standard page break section, use Next Page under Section Breaks.


3: When you now go to edit your Header or Footer, you will see they are part of a section. Sections allow for different styles to be used.


If you want multiple sections, simply create more using Next Page under Breaks.

4: If you want to connect a section to a previous one, click Link to Previous Section. A box will appear asking for confirmation, click OK to link. Deselect this if you want to format each section seperately.


Page Breaks are a great tool for formatting your document in Word. They can be used for Page Numbering and Page Orientation.

Page Numbering


1.1: When editing sections, under Header and Footer, click Page Number, then click on Format Page Numbers



1.2: In the pop-up box that appears you can manage the format of your numbering for that section.


Single Page Landscape


2.1: Make sure the page you want to landscape has its own dedicated section.

Under the Layout tab, select Orientation and change it from Portrait to Landscape.


Only the specific page should now have changed layout to Landscape.