How do I operate the scanner?

1: Put your document on the scanner plate by opening the lid on top of the printer. Make sure that it is aligned properly (face-down, to the top left) then close the lid. Alternatively, use the loader.

2: Sign in using the card reader on the left or type in your credentials on the screen. Tap the Use Copier button in the middle of the touch screen, then in the next menu tap Next.


3: In the main menu, press Scan and Send to go to the scanner menu. From the Scan and Send menu, there are several options:


4: When all of the desired options have been set, press the green button on the right hand side of the display. If during the scanning the screen goes black, wake it up by pressing the button marked in blue.


5: The display will show how many documents have been scanned in. To add more pages to the file, change the paper currently on the scanner.

To scan the other side of the same paper, turn the page over and press the green button again.

If you used the feeder, the job will send automatically.

When you are satisfied with the amount scanned, press Start Sending on the display.


6: Your file will be sent to the email address you have specified.