Video/Audio Assessment briefs

How to create a recording

There are a number of ways to can achieve this:

At your desk Panopto recording

As well as using session recordings in the classroom you can also download it to any computer including your office machine and use it in the exact same way. Here are the instructions on installing it. As well as installing the software, you will need a microphone (for recording audio) and a webcam (if you wish to record video). 

You can then make a comprehensive video capture of the brief which includes the slides and a voice-over.  Here is an example.

Example of lecture capture

In class session recordings  

All classrooms are Panopto installed and if you talk in the classroom about the brief it is very simple to capture it.  These will tend to be longer than office captures  but you do not need to set aside additional time to create them.  You may wish to edit this recording  if there is additional content that is not relevant. This guide will show you how to trim your recordings

lecture capture in the classroom

Audio recordings 

We would recommend using visuals to illustrate points that you are making but it is possible to create an audio only version.  You can also use a number of 3rd party apps such as Audacity to create these. (Obviously your computer needs some way of capturing audio - either internally or through a microphone).

SOL has a built in recorder which you have the choice of video/audio or just audio. This is available whenever you see the editor (such as when creating a label or adding a description). This requires no software to be recorded and recording will immediately be embedded in your SOL page.  However, be aware you are limited to only 2 minutes per recording (with no limit to the number of recordings). Below is a screenshot of where the recorder sits in the editor.

record audio directly into SOL

recording audio