Video/Audio Assessment briefs

Why provide alternative assessment brief formats

Recording a person

This guide aims to support you with developing alternatives to the written assessment brief, to better support your students understanding and completing their assessments.

First, we will start with why this is important and then we will cover the tools and methods that support you in doing this. 

Assessments are important. We know that and the students certainly do! So they want to make sure they understand exactly what they have to do. Yet however clearly you’ve written the brief, you will still get multiple emails questioning the details you thought you had explained.

Piloted by SSHSS they found that recording a video (Panopto) significantly reduced the number of support emails, and the number of failed assessments were reduced.  Having a recorded assessment brief allowed the students to revisit the video numerous times.  

Read the LAT blog for more detail.  There is also an article in Dialogue.