Successful questionnaire design

This tutorial will help you to set about planning, designing and using your research questionnaire.

Designing questionnaires
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If you want to be sure that the information you are gathering will get you better grades, you need to know how to:

tick icon Define the objectives of the survey
tick icon Determine the sample group
tick icon Write the questions
tick icon Format the questionnaire
tick icon Conduct the survey
tick icon Analyse and interpret the results

This is known as the design process.

These are not discreet stages. In reality, you need to consider how you are going to analyse the data before you write the questionnaire. This will help you to determine what questions you are going to ask, and in what order. The way in which you set out the questions can have a significant influence on how your subject responds.

Make sure you check if your department has any specific requirements or guidelines they expect you to follow when developing questionnaires and conducting surveys.

Find books and resources on questionnaire design in the library catalogue (opens in a new window)

After you have worked through this tutorial, why not use the Designing Questionnaires Checklist to find out how much you have learned?

On the next chapter, you can find out how to define your objectives.