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Flash card notes
A ‘flash card’ is a small piece of card you hold in your hand and glance at quickly to take in information. You can use index cards or take a sheet of A4 card and cut it into quarters – that’s the perfect size.

Important features of a flash card:
  • Large, bold writing
  • Written in bullet points
  • Use key words or short statements
  • No more than six lines of writing
  • You must be able to read it with a quick glance
Alternately, if you use PowerPoint to make presentation slides (and if you’ve done a good job of them), you can print your slides in just the right size for flash cards.

A few quick tips on using flash cards:

  1. Print them on card so that they do not curl or get damaged easily
  2. Number them
  3. Make sure they are in the correct order before you start
  4. Hold them fairly low – just below chest-height should be fine (but make sure you can still read them down there)
  5. Never hold them in front of your face
  6. Glance quickly at the card to take the information you need
  7. When you get to the end of a card, move it to the back of the pile in your hands
  8. When you move from one card to the next it should be a transition point, ie a point where you can say ‘And now I would like to move on to...’
  9. Have a final card that says ‘Any questions’ so that you know you have reached the end of the presentation and it’s time to take questions from your audience.

And finally, make sure that you have learned and practised your presentation so that your flash card ‘prompts’ can be just exactly that – allowing you to talk freely and confidently.

Now it's time to think about how to prepare for your presentation.