Successful Presentations


Giving presentations

Deal with nerves

Positive reinforcement

“Oh no, I’m going to make a mess of this.”

“This is going to be terrible.”

“I’m really bad at giving presentations.” 

Do you have that voice in your head, giving you little messages like that? You keep telling yourself how badly you are going to do and how difficult the activity is going to be. And guess what? When you tell yourself that, chances are you’re going to do badly!

BUT! The opposite is also true. If you can give yourself little positive messages, you can make yourself much more confident about how well you will perform, and guess what? When you’re more confident, you do better.

Tell yourself:

“I can do this really well!” 

“This presentation is going to be great!” 

“I am really good at giving presentations!” 

Choose your own messages, ones that are meaningful to you, and repeat them to yourself often, especially just before you get up to give your presentation.

The final page on dealing with nerves talks about taking deep breaths.