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Plan Ahead

You will make more efficient use of your time if you plan Time managementahead. So, if you want to get better grades, you need to do these things:

  • Make long term plans 
  • Make weekly timetables 
  • Use effective study units 
  • Recognise the amount of study required 
  • Reward yourself 

You can download a complete set of study planners here.

After you’ve worked through this tutorial, why not use the Time Management Checklist
to check if what you've learned.

The University of Kent has developed a great tool they call the Assignment Survival Kit. You plug in your start date and due date, and it gives you a timetable of interim deadlines (along with some great helpsheets and checklists). It is well worth having a look.

Go on now to find out how to make effective long term plans.