Successful Referencing

Successful Referencing


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How to Reference : The Essentials

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Learning to reference correctly is an essential skill at university. It requires organisation and attention to detail, but needn't be hard. Good referencing demonstrates to your lecturers the range of your reading and research. It will also prevent any problems with plagiarism and academic misconduct. 

Plagiarism worries a lot of people, but if you understand what referencing is for, as well as how to do it, then you won't have anything to worry about. 

This section will clearly outline the principles behind referencing, the mechanics of the Harvard referencing system, and how to ensure your work remains within the bounds of excellent academic conduct. 

We have provided an extensive list of examples of Harvard referencing that you will return to again and again, because it is essential when you are writing a paper to get those citations right.

Be sure you are doing everything you can to get better grades with the Referencing Checklist

Let's get started by finding out what referencing is and why it is so important.