Archived Material (grammar)

This book looks at some of the most common mistakes when it comes to grammar.

Introduction to grammar

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This book will help you develop your grammar skills to ensure you are able to write clearly for your assignments.

It is designed to introduce you to aspects of written English which can be problematic. The book is intended as an introduction to English grammar and touches on the most common areas of weakness. For further help and resources please see More Help and Extra Resources.

You will be provided with an introduction to grammar rules and learn how to avoid some of the more common mistakes.

  • The verb tenses chapter considers what verbs are, active and passive forms and tenses
  • The nouns and pronouns chapter looks at the most common groups of nouns and pronouns
  • The adjectives chapter will help you understand the different types of adjectives
  • The apostrophes chapter shows the different ways an apostrophe can be used.


One aspect to good writing is the avoidance of common mistakes (see the Writing Academically book)