Harvard Solent style references

This book contains all the different examples of Harvard Solent style linked to above. Once you open the book, you can navigate the different types of references using the table of contents which appears on the left. 

Written Sources

Items in repositories


AUTHOR/S, Year.  Title of preprint.  Repository name [preprint/postprint/dataset as appropriate] [viewed date].  Available from: URL for repository entry


YAMADA, T., A. PRUGEL-BENNETT and B. THORNTON, 2020.  Learning Features from georeferenced seafloor imagery with location guided autoencoders.  University of Southampton Institutional Repository [preprint] [viewed 11th June 2020].  Available from: https://eprints.soton.ac.uk/441375/


  • If you can find a final published version of the item you should use and reference that instead.
  • Some articles may also be published online in a journal ahead of full publication – for these please see the example Articles pre-published online.