Harvard Solent style references

This book contains all the different examples of Harvard Solent style linked to above. Once you open the book, you can navigate the different types of references using the table of contents which appears on the left. 

Written Sources

Social Media, Blogs, Discussion Lists

Type of source

Social Media Post

In text reference

Andrews (2002, p.98) put forward the idea that...

Reference list format

Author, year. Title of page. [Name of site]. Day/month of posted message. [viewed day month year]

Reference list example 

JONES, S. (2009) Referencing Group. [Facebook] 5th May. Available from: www.facebook.com [Accessed 09/05/09]. 

Reference list example  

SMITH-MAY, N, 2016. British woman can adopt girl found in box in Egypt, judge rules. [Twitter]. 29/11/2016 [viewed 29/11/2016] 
Available from: https://twitter.com/guardian/status/803627951724068864 

 Reference list example   LEARNING SKILLS AT SOLENT, 2015. Intended for secondary school teachers but some apps here which are still useful in further education. [Facebook status update]. 12th October. [viewed 29/11/2016] 
Available from: https://www.facebook.com/succeedatsolent


 If the content is behind a password give the main web address for the site as the URL.

Type of source

Blog or discussion list

In text reference

Bradley (2008) explained...

Reference list format (blog)

AUTHOR(S), Year. Title of blog entry. In: Blog title. Full date of blog entry [viewed date]. Available from: URL

Reference list example (blog) 

BRADLEY, P., 2008. Word of the day is 'exaflood'. In: Phil Bradley's weblog. 29 April 2008 [viewed 9 May 2008]. Available from: http://philbradley.typepad.com/phil_bradleys_weblog/

Reference list format (discussion) 

AUTHOR(S), Year. Subject of message. In: Discussion list. Full date of message [viewed date]. Available from: URL of archive or individual message or email address of list

Reference list example (discussion)

JONES, A., 2008. Citing standards. In: Lis-link. 16 June 2008 [viewed 20 June 2008]. Available from: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/LIS-LINK.html

 Notes  As web pages, blogs do not have page numbers.