Harvard Solent style references

This book contains all the different examples of Harvard Solent style linked to above. Once you open the book, you can navigate the different types of references using the table of contents which appears on the left. 

Audio, Image and Video Sources

Image and artistic pieces

Reference an image according to the source it was found in, such as a book, website, gallery. 

Image from a print source

Printed images are usually found in books or magazines. Follow the examples for how to reference a book, magazine article etc. as appropriate. 

Image from electronic source

Electronic images are usually found on websites or in a database. Follow the example for referencing a website

Artistic pieces

Type of source

Painting, sculpture, photograph, mannequin, or other artistic piece.

In text reference

As can be seen in the painting Dancing lesson (Degas 1880).

Reference list format

ARTIST(S), Year. Title of work [material designation]. At: Location

Reference list example 

DEGAS, E., 1880. Dancing lesson [oil on canvas]. At: Williamstown, Massachusetts: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (no.562)