Harvard Solent style references

This book contains all the different examples of Harvard Solent style linked to above. Once you open the book, you can navigate the different types of references using the table of contents which appears on the left. 

Guidance: No example for the source

How can I create a reference for a type of source which isn't in the list?

Ask yourself 4 questions to decide how to reference it. 

1. Is this type of source appropriate for me to be using for my assignment?  Check with your tutor if you are not sure.

2. What is the most similar source? Examine the type of details which are included in a reference.

3. What details can I find for the source? Author and date are essential. There will also be information available about where and how the source was published. For online material note where and when you accessed the source.

4. Which order should I put reference details in? Look again at the most similar source. For Harvard References, the overall order is AUTHOR, DATE, PUBLISHING DETAILS, (ACCESS DETAILS)

Remember that the main aim of a reference is to HELP your reader be able to locate the source, so give as much detail as possible in the appropriate order.