Downloading for office/home

Additional basic resources and functionality in Panopto

Installing the recorder from SOL

Use the following steps to install the Panopto recorder on an office machine, laptop or home computer. 

The software is free to download and associated licences allow for recordings to be uploaded to the Solent server. 

Versions for both Mac and Windows are available.

Lecture capture block

Instructions for Windows

Step 1. Choose 'Windows' and when prompted 'Save file' to your computer.

Save the recorder installer to your computer

Step 2. Double-click the saved installer to begin - if prompted confirm you want the application to install. 

Step 3. Once the installer begins ensure the "Panopto Web Server" field reads "" and click 'Next'.

Check the server address is

Step 4. Click on 'Install the Panopto recorder' to complete the installation (this should be swift as the application is small).

Advanced: View support documents on how to use the Panopto recorder for Windows or Mac. 

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