Audience response (mentimeter)

Audience Response Systems


Apester logoApester allows users to build multimedia presentations (referred to as 'stories') containing text, images, videos and a variety of interactive activities.  

Once the presentation is complete, the site will supply you with an embed code, or a URL, which can then be added to a website (e.g. SOL) or supplied to students directly.  Presentations can also be downloaded as a zip file.  

Once accessed, students are then able to navigate the presentation and interact with activities at their own pace.  Cookies are used to 'remember' user's progress, answers to questions etc between sessions (these cookies need to be cleared if multiple students are sharing a workstation or browser).


  • Easy to build professional looking slides.
  • Simple to add a range of content types (e.g. text, videos, images etc) via 'drag-and-drop'.
  • A wide variety of inter-activities. 
  • All aspects of the system are included for free.


  • Presentation slide 'sizes' are limited to mobile phone dimensions.
  • Once a presentation is published it is accessible at any time, so the presenter has no control over when slides are 'revealed' to students.

Question types:

  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Poll
  • Various variations of true/false (e.g. Like/Dislike, Happy/Sad, Hot/Not etc)
  • Ratings (e.g. 1-5, Like/So-so/Dislike etc)

If you are interested in using Apester, please contact to discuss your requirements in the first instance or visit the Apester website for more information.