Audience response (mentimeter)

Audience Response Systems


Plickers logoPlickers is an assessment tool that allows presenters to poll students, assessing their knowledge through the use of multiple-choice questions.  Each student is assigned a code (an image similar to a QR code) printed on a card, which they hold up in response to the questions displayed on the screen.  Students provide answers by rotating the card so that the chosen letter is at the top.  The presenter then scans the room with their camera-equipped phone or tablet, and the Plickers app collects the data and saves it to the presenters online account, to view instantly or save for later.


  • Very easy to use
  • Students don’t require a mobile device to participate


  • Limited to 63 students per class
  • Each class of students needs to be set up on the system before-hand, which can take time
  • The system is designed for assessment, rather than the delivery of presentations
  • Different sizes of cards are required for different sizes of rooms

Question types:

  • Multiple choice (maximum of 4 options)
  • True/False

If you are interested in using Glisser, please contact to discuss your requirements in the first instance or visit the Plickers website for more information.