Audience response (mentimeter)

Audience Response Systems


Meetoo logoMeetoo is a cloud-based student response system that enables students to vote using a web browser or the Meetoo app. The tutor can also enable Meetoo messages so that everyone can post and view questions and comments. 

Once a MeeToo activity has been set-up tutors send out an email ahead of the session with the joining instructions. Students must create an account before they can participate and can only join in using the '9-digit Meeting ID'.  

The free (education) version of MeeToo is limited to 100 participants. 


  • Open communication channel to the presenter  
  • Students are able to 'like' comments - these can then be ranked
  • PowerPoint add-in available
  • Works well in seminar settings where student are more reluctant to vocalise their questions.


  • Only has multiple choice questions
  • Meeting style set-up can be confusing 

Question types

  • Multiple choice questions (no correct answer, correct answer, multiple answers)
If you are interested in using MeeToo, please contact to discuss your requirements in the first instance or visit the MeeToo website for more information.