Audience response (mentimeter)

Audience Response Systems


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Mentimeter' is a cloud-based polling tool to interact with students in real-time using a mobile phone or other device connected to the internet. 'Mentimeter' visualises data gathered which displays live or can be hidden until all students have submitted a response.  Of all the tools mentioned this is the only one the University has paid licences to. 

Mentimeter have a 2-3 hour course on becoming a better presenter which is free for you to take

  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited class size 
  • Unlimited presentations 
  • Variety of questions types 
  • Increases participation by involving students in the discussion
  • Contributes to collaborative working - making it faster to generate content 

(these relate to the free plan, we have licences, please contact to use the pro account)

  • Limited to two questions per presentation (free plan)
  • Unable to export results (free plan)
Question types

  • Multiple choice (single and multiple answers)
  • Image choice (single and multiple answers)
  • Word cloud 
  • Quiz  (multiple choice with single correct answer and timed response)
  • Likert scales
  • Free text entry
  • Ranking
  • Matrix (places choices on a graph)
  • Q&A (users submit questions and others can upvote these)
  • Post session feedback 
  • Place pin on map
If you are interested in using 'Mentimeter', please contact to discuss your requirements in the first instance or visit the Mentimeter website for more information. 

How to Embed Mentimeter Slides into PowerPoint
Mentimeter slides can be embedded into a PowerPoint presentation. This is good for tutors who prefer not to have to manage multiple tabs during a live session-it is also good for allowing students who may miss a live session to still participate in polls if the PowerPoint is uploaded to your SOL pages after the live session.

To embed a Mentimeter slide into a PowerPoint:

  • There is a plug-in that needs to be downloaded to PowerPoint by clicking 'Insert' and then 'Add-ins':

screenshot of the add in button in PowerPoint

Then select ‘Admin Managed’:

screenshot of the admin managed button

The icon for ‘Mentimeter’ should then appear and the button for Add needs to be clicked. The first time this is done, there may be a request to download the app using Solent log-in details:

screenshot of the mentimeter icon in powerpoint