Audience response (mentimeter)

Audience Response Systems

Also  known as 'Personal Response Systems', 'Electronic Voting Systems' or 'Clickers' are used in face-to-face settings to poll or quiz students and gather immediate feedback in response to questions posed by tutors.

This allows you and your students to get immediate feedback on their level of understanding on a topic, create engagement, show opinions, and drive active learning.

We have now moved to web based software that allow you to leverage student owned mobile devices (smart phones, tablets and laptops) to get them to respond.  this mean you no longer need to borrow kit or waste time handing out and collecting receivers. 

The University has invested in a number of licences for Mentimeter please contact if you wish to use one of these.  We also recognise a number of solutions each with slightly different features. more details of each of these are given below.