Equipment in the classroom

Clever touch screens

Easy annotation

Easy annotation in presentations with the inking tool 

While in your PowerPoint presentation, to access the inking tool, simply tap anywhere on the screen and the inking toolbar will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. To start annotating select the pen icon from the menu and then select the writing tool (pen or highlighter). You will now be able to use either your finger or the stylus attached to the screen to start annotating the current slide. To move through your presentation whilst in annotation mode use the forward and back buttons. Selecting the active tool will turn off annotation and allow you to continue navigation by touch.


The 'hide presentation' button allows you to set up your presentation and keep it hidden until you are ready to reveal it at the start of your delivery.

Hide button

This 'escape' button will exit the presentation. If you have made any annotations you will be prompted to save or discard these. Saved presentations can be uploaded and made available to students.

Exit button

Lynx 6 software (interactive whiteboard) can be found on the flyout menu or from ‘All apps’. Lynx will open with a blank document where you can write or draw. Files can be saved as PDF or picture files such as .jpeg and can be uploaded to SOL. Lessons previously created with Smart Notebook can be exported from Smart Notebook and used with CleverTouch. 

Note that functionality from Smart Notebook may not work as you expect, so it is best to test this beforehand.